ira namaku

Monday, 20 February 2012

i misS U~ T..T"

--------> i neVer felt this way before. .  :') i lOve the thingS that u dO. .
                       dO U see hoW much i neeD u right now. . . T..T"
                       we weRe made eaCh Other, oUt here fOrever~ :')
                       plezzzzZ, telL me u feel tHe SAME. . . ^^,
                      u  playing aRound witH my head. . . ~..~"
                       i can't sTand here to say goOdbye. . :( aRghhhhh ):
                arE u 4REAL?? i can't help myseLf it's the way i FEEL. . .
                        u make me insane S:
                        honestly i juZ need to be a little CRAZIER~
                        im safe, im sound wHen uR aRound ME. .:)
                        i kNow u tRyiNg~ i wiSh u cOuld be happy instead. .
                        wElL it feel so riGht, cauSe it feeL so riGht jusT u have 
                       to sTanding bY my siDe,
                       so don't let me go cause u have my SOUL,
                       N i juZ wanted u tO kNow. . . . . .^______^"

                                                                                   [:i know is a drag:]

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